While attending a film festival screening in Berlin, Lloyd stayed at the tallest residential building created in the former East Germany.

“I was standing by these terribly thin windows listening to the S-Bahn
train rattle along the tracks fourteen stories below, wondering if I’d get
any sleep. And that’s how The Berlin Waltz song came to me, but from an East Berliner’s point of views - living behind the Berlin Wall. And what they might have lived through.”

Exhibits at the STASI administrative headquarters and the Hohenschönhausen Remand Prison brought home the miseries true believers can bring to neighbors, friends and even their own family 

While performing his songs at a Berlin club, the silhouette of his unusual
Yamaha Silent Guitar caught the eyes of soon to be friends and
future actors…seen here filming with Fine Schmidt and Thorolf Bergeler 
at the Berlin Wall Memorial on Bernauer Strasse.