a new short film from Lloyd Frost

What is life like under a totalitarian regime? Behind the Berlin Wall an artist and his wife plan an unusual protest for freedom. When an officer of the dreaded STASI secret police confronts them, their lives accelerate in a way they never imagined possible. 

This surreal story is told in dialogue, dreams and song by award-winning filmmaker (In Everyone's Eyes, The Sun Is Rising) and songwriter Lloyd Frost and stars Fine Schmidt, Thorolf Bergeler and Michael Beyer.

Premiere: the SR Socially Relevant Film Festival New York
March 13-18, 2024
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a new single & video trailer

Twenty years after he was murdered in front of his apartment building in New York City, a statue was dedicated to John Lennon. In a city he never visited, in a country where Beatles music had been banned for decades. But where?  This song is now available for download at Listen / Store.



 The Sun Is Rising & Other True Stories 
at Songs & Store and Compact Music ( Ottawa)

"Multimedia artist Lloyd Frost is bringing his own brand of  'social commentary with a groove' to the eyes and ears...there’s a theme of social and political commentary running through the album."                              - The Charlatan, Carleton University


"Lloyd Frost has many tales to tell...(he) has recently released The Sun Is Rising and Other True Stories, an 11 track album...ranging from rock to Latin. Along with the record, Frost poured his soul into the creation of two films and a photo exhibit. While we discussed Frost’s pursuits, it quickly becomes clear that Frost has been very busy..."                   - Samantha Lapierre, Ottawa Life Magazine 

"This was the first time we were ever entertained by a trilingual, singer, songwriter, story teller, film maker. It was a wonderful event..."       
                                - audience email,  SAW Gallery, Ottawa

"You see it quite often. A great actor who is also an accomplished painter, or a perhaps a singer who is also a talented writer. Most people initially place Lloyd Frost as a singer/songwriter. But like a lot of multi-talented artists, the Montreal born/Ottawa resident has blossomed into an award-winning filmmaker/photographer... the award winning 'In Everyone’s Eyes' (filmed entirely in Cuba), is 'a poetic and slyly subversive musical short film about Cuba – where it’s dangerous to speak openly against la Revolución'... Lloyd's second musical short film 'The Sun is Rising'....looks at armed conflict and two brutal terrorism killings in Canada and France.        
                                                           - Vistek, All About The Image     

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