Introduction by Festival Director Gregory von Hausch at the 33rd Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, 2018


Starting with film festival screenings in 2013, the release of 'The Sun Is Rising & Other True Stories' CD in 2015, and a prior decade of similarly-themed social commentary travel writing/photography, in 2019 I'm now offering presentations and speaking engagements tailored to your group's interests.

These may include...

-Indie film-making  discussing creative, technical, production and ethical issues on the making of musical-doc films and submitting to film festivals.

-Screening  of a film or video with Q&A.

-Performing  songs and discussing songwriting.


two peeks at what I do:

life in Cuba...

In Everyone's Eyes - El ultimo! On The Road...in Florida

talking about terrorism attacks...

Rogers TV - The Sun Is Rising



presentation: From Songs to Short Films - Create and Influence People. Even with Tough Themes!

A feature documentary may appeal to some viewers, while a short film can provide entrée to an audience willing to spend only a brief time on a topic - especially with a difficult or unfamiliar theme. Replacing 'talking heads' and voice-over narration with a singing narrator or instrumental soundtrack in a short film on a challenging historical topic is my model. I call this genre 'musical-doc' - blending music video and on-location doc-style footage, sometimes with narrative elements. This engages viewers already interested in the topic, people with an appreciation for music, and those with limited time. When artfully and gently presented, a musical-doc can open the challenging theme for discussion, potentially to a more diverse audience.


Film Screening

A musical-doc short film screens, followed by a discussion touching on why the film was made, how it was produced, filmed, edited, and submitted to film festivals. Technical, ethical and safety issues, including filming in countries with varying levels of democracy, may also be discussed.


A song(s) from the film or video is performed, vocal and guitar by the composer, with Q&A.

Songwriting - a Personal Approach

Creating a song has so many variables - waiting for inspiration or 'just do it', written individually or co-write, which comes first - melody or lyrics, cutting up the newspaper technique (really!), editing and eventually studio recording with it's own variables. Usually a songwriter finds personally comfortable ways of negotiating these steps.

Looking forward to discussing your vision for a presentation,

Lloyd Frost

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