And it’s your truth my truth
convenient or otherwise
your truth my truth
that’s a fact
build it up one day tear it down another day
drown my broker in formaldehyde


Drown his broker in formaldehyde!                                                


Your truth my truth
upside down an’ sideways
hole in the ozone
what a myth
bang his head bang his head on the top of my guitar
drown the tree huggers in formaldehyde

Drown the tree huggers in formaldehyde!                                                                                                                             

Tennis balls are flyin’ and I gotta hit one soon
my wife is at some high class spa and girfriend’s here by noon
zebra rug is hiding and I gotta find it soon
now wife is at some charity and girfriend’s here by noon
oh yeah
she goes down by noon

Your truth my truth what does it matter anyway?
I want carte blanche
now that’s a fact
good enough one day dump it out another day
drown all your neighbours in petroleum

Rolling in exotic hair is something I do well
so what if all the glaciers melt?
I wanna ring my bell

He wants to ring his bell

Planets are aligning and we could melt down soon
those Maya were so accurate
it’s happening at noon

High noon…high noon…high noon

Your truth my truth
convenient or otherwise
yours is out
look it up it’s a fact
smile on one day lie to me another day
gonna drown drown drown in formaldehyde

Drown everybody in formaldehyde!

words & music by Lloyd Frost  © Blue Plazuela Music Inc. (SOCAN)



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