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Best Activist Music Video Lionshead Film Festival 2017
Best Music Video Berlin Independent Film Festival 2017
Best Original Song Manhattan Film Festival 2016
Best Music Video Buffalo Niagara Film Festival 2016
Best Music Video Awareness Film Festival 2014
Best Art Short-Short Film Eugene International Film Festival 2013
A poetic and slyly subversive musical short film about Cuba - where it's dangerous to speak openly against la Revolución.

Synopsis: On the island of Cuba, dissent is 'counter-Revolutionary'. It can lead to work restrictions, beatings, detention and prison.

Most Cubans learn to show an outward facade of happiness and even acceptance of the State's control over their lives...it's safer.  In the same way, the facade of a happy melody dances through this film, while a singer reveals what he truly sees on the colorful, crumbling island.

Metal bars are a recurring motif, at homes and the derelict Modelo Prison on the isolated Isle of Youth. Cubans sometimes call their country an 'open prison'. Some would say that Cuba has been a prison of one type or another, for generations.

Filmada enteramente en Cuba/Filmed entirely in Cuba.

Original Trailer
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Grand Jury Award/Best Music Video Awareness Film Festival 2016

 Is there a key to talking about armed conflict and terrorism attacks? From naiveté to awareness, a man looks at armed conflicts and two terrorism attacks: the killing of Cpl Nathan Cirillo while standing guard at Canada's National War Memorial in October 2014 and the Charlie Hebdo attack three months later. Lloyd's second project was filmed in France and Canada. Trailer

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What can be said after a terror attack? A film without words. Trailer


'In Everyone's Eyes - El último!' is the 2018 director's cut, made after Fidel Castro's death. The poetic message about free speech and human rights on the island remains compelling in the face of the Revolution's multi-generational legacy.  Trailer

Nominee Best Short Doc North Hollywood Cinefest 2018

'Lloyd's Excellent Accident / Lloydova výborná nehoda' (2019)

At a film festival in Slovakia, a songwriter is looking for an accident - and finds one! Na filmovom festivale na Slovensku skladateľ hľadá nehodu! Trailer Now in film festival submissions.


Cowboy Of The Carretera

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